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Recommendation Letters

Feedback from leaders I've served
At an all-hands companywide meeting in April 2017, as CEO, I staked a flagpole in the healthcare vertical as a market for UpTop to move into. Within 3 months, Adam had engaged the Pacific Northwest's largest health plan provider, Premera Blue Cross® as a new client. We immediately began work with not one, but two different departments, helping them launch new communities and reimagine the end-to-end experience for their users.

The 25-person workshops we conducted with Premera's teams were the largest we'd ever organized as a company by that time. Everything came together beautifully in the end and they were really impressed with the overall experience UpTop provided. I was very impressed with Adam's ability to take a high-level directive like that and execute on it so swiftly and with such success.

John Sloat,
CEO of UpTop

John founded UpTop in 2000 and has evolved the company into one of Seattle's leading software and UX (User Experience) firms.

We hired Adam in February, 2016, to lead Dogfish Software’s business development efforts and although we only worked together a short time, I was very impressed by his energy level and deep network of connections. He continually exceeded our expectations. In fact, within the first two months, Adam helped us completely revitalize our sales pipeline system and line up $1.7M of opportunities, with three deals worth $500,000 already closing.

I met Adam in February, 2015, while he was working for another consultancy. What really caught my eye was his strategic way of tackling challenges and keen sense of client needs. He has a unique way of slicing through customer's’ technical requirements to their broader business objectives. He wins business by engaging clients as their advocate and even helps find third party service providers so they achieve the full spectrum of solutions they need. We worked as referral partners throughout the year and when I learned he was available, I wanted to bring him on board at Dogfish as soon as possible.

His knowledge of and passion for emerging technologies aligned with our own and he showed an immediate willingness to take the initiative and spearhead special projects. He was a pleasure to work with and went out of his way to socialize with our engineers and staff, nurturing an environment we created which engaged the entire team to contribute to our business development efforts.

Dan Zimmerman,
CEO of Dogfish Software

Dogfish built IoT ("Internet of Things") experiences for world-class brands like Fluke® and Bigbelly®

Having been a business owner himself, Adam understands the importance of clear communication and providing a high level of service to customers. From initial introduction to product delivery, he has a unique way of speaking to their needs, wants, and desires. Working with him in a business development capacity, I could trust him to be well-organized and prepared for every meeting, and to promptly follow through.

His background as a web and mobile software developer gives him a unique perspective into how to align business and technical goals to make each project as successful as possible. Adam was always a pleasure to have around the office and a welcome fit for our team and culture.

Jason Greer,
President of GenUI

GenUI is an engineering firm with experience in VR/AR and other leading edge technologies. Jason is a founder and directs operations.

It is with great ease that I write this recommendation. I have known Adam for approximately eight years. We met through my organization, Business Network International-Hawaii (BNI Hawaii) and The Referral Institute of Hawaii. Adam was a member of BNI during that time as a web developer and graphic artist.

While a member of BNI, we were fortunate to have Adam serve the chapter that he belonged to in the capacity of President, Vice-President, Membership Committee, Networking Education Coordinator and Visitor Host. Under Adam’s stewardship, his Chapter did extremely well, passing hundreds of thousands of dollars in closed business referrals. His leadership style, ability to build an effective team and his communication skills working with other business owners, were instrumental to their success. We were so impressed with Adam’s professionalism, that we selected him to teach segments on leadership to approximately 200 business owners during our bi-annual Leadership Team Training.

We have found Adam to consistently be among the best and brightest of our organization. His knowledge, analytical thinking and problem solving skills have served him very well. As to his character, we believe him to be a candid, trustworthy and very credible business man and person. He is generous with his knowledge and embraces the “Givers Gain” philosophy of our company. I am certain that Adam will be an incredible asset to your organization as he was as a member of ours.

Joann Seery,
President of BNI

Joann is the President and Executive Director of BNI (Business Networks International) for all of the Hawaiian Islands.

Other Kudos

"Adam’s strategic way of thinking, technical and communication skills make him a powerful market player and a strong asset to for any company."
Charles Wathen, Investor
Invested in Adam's startup: 2012
"Adam is a rare equation: (D) Driven by action and out-of-the-box ideas + (C) Contagious enthusiasm and a commitment to success + (B) Building strategic relationships that create long-term value = (A) A crucial asset to any team.
The short version? Frankly, Adam gets sh*t done!"
Jen Mallory, Strategy Director
Adam's Colleague at GenUI in 2016
"Adam is a man of strong work ethic, deep technical knowledge, and a broad and diverse network. When you meet him, you’ll immediately sense his passion for technology and affinity for building relationships. Combined, the two qualities are formidable."
Dan Colleran, Director of Talent
Adam's colleague at GenUI 2015-16
"Adam has a passion for technology in all it's many forms, and a drive to learn more about how he can impact the world with it."
Nick Newlin, Director of Digital
Business parnter of Adam's
"I've seen Adam's passion for community involvement, connecting people and ideas. He loves technology and frames it in a vision for positive change."
Peter Nash, Director of Sales
Adam's boss at UpTop 2016-17
"Thoughtful in his questions, diligent in his execution, he nurtures customer relationships by understanding what they want to achieve from a business standpoint first and a technical standpoint second. It was great to collaborate with him because of his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking."
Kaine Robertson, Client Engagement Director
Adam's colleague at GenUI, 2015-16
"Adam possesses an effortless ability to build a meaningful sense of purpose and belonging to any community he leads or participates in."
Chris Robison, Community Manager
MIT Team Lead, Managed by Adam 2018
"He expressed passion for technology at a level rarely seen for someone in his role. In addition to having an expansive view of the future, Adam has an amazing ability to network and build communities."
Jon Edwards, Engineering Lead
Colleague with Adam at UpTop, 2016-18
"Adam has participated on several international business delegations to promote Washington’s design and technology industries abroad. He personifies how economic development, technology, and organization/community strategy come together to create impactful change."
Rob Fiddick, Canadian Consulate Trade Commissioner
Business Contact of Adam's