My Background

18 Years in Oregon
Oregon High School
Hardware Systems Certificate
Invention Convention Winner
4 Years in Madison
University of Wisconsin
Bachelor of Computer Science
Self-Employed Web Designer
10 Years in Honolulu
iOS Certificate at Code Fellows
Startup Founder (ShopSuey)
BNI Chapter President
7 Years in Seattle
Sales & Business Development
Event Series Production
MIT Chapter President

Work History

Employment and Founder Experience

2018 - Present

Monarch Agency

Director of Digital

Monarch is a forward-thinking brand and experience marketing firm. The creative and technical talent we bring together drives some of the Pacific Northwest's most compelling campaigns. Simply put, Monarch helps the brands of tomorrow get recognized today.

As Director of Digital, I lead tstrategy, design and production/execution for all digital aspects of Monarch's customer projects and campaigns. As an original team member, I also produced brand collateral for Monarch and developed its current website.

2016 - 2018


Director of Business Development

UpTop is an end-to-end research, UX design and development agency. It conducts primary user research, persona development, user interviews, and product research. Combined with sophisticated analytics and detailed behavior tracking, UpTop ensures its clients release products in their best, most likely-to-succeed forms.

Personally recruited by UpTop's CEO after Dogfish Software closed, I led the agency's business development efforts to widen its healthcare footprint. I often remained intertwined with engagements I started, playing key product management roles assembling and/or recruiting the team, road map planning and feature prioritization, running individual design and development sprints, billing for resourced time, and other project/account management work.

UpTop's work for my enterprise customers enhanced more than 2.2 million users' experiences. During that process, the Design Thinking workshops we facilitated for Premera® were the largest, most in-depth of their kind for UpTop's then 17-year history.


Dogfish Software

Director of Strategic Engagement

Dogfish Software designed and engineered beautiful software for companies making use of complicated, new technologies: namely, IoT ("Internet of Things") and IIoT ("Industrial IoT"). Dogfish bridged the gap between these new IT capabilities and the solid, intuitive user experiences critical for wide, public adoption.

Personally recruited by its CEO, I took over Dogfish's high-level business development strategy and day-to-day sales, expanded the company's customer reach into Europe and Australia.



Technology Evangelist

GenUI is an engineering firm in Fremont creating complex, interconnected experiences for mobile platforms, mixed reality and other cutting edge technologies. Its award-winning products have appeared in Fortune, Fast Company, Gizmodo, TIME Magazine.

Charged with raising the company's profile as it doubled in size, I quickly became a recognized staple in Seattle’s IT community by attending and organized events and representing GenUI at key conferences, both locally and around the world. For example, in 2015, I led an international sales trip to Spain for Mobile World Congress. I successfully solicited Washington State Department of Commerce for a grant which reimbursed GenUI for most of the trip's costs.



Founder, Chief Product Officer

ShopSuey improved shopping experiences for tens of thousands of Hawaii's shoppers – residents and tourists alike. By making the State's complex, 200-vendor malls easier to navigate and pointed out key necessities like ATMs, bathrooms, and your parking spot. With the app installed, the mall and its vendors were able to send deals to customers as they walked by their particular stores. The demographics ShopSuey would collect over time combined with realtime shopper location awareness to create a unique form of in-mall advertising.

Considered equally valuable was what malls received on shoppers' foot traffic – data they could interact with on a platform akin to Google Analytics. This allowed for more informed lease negotiations, better tenant and advertisement placement, awareness of dwell times inside and outside each store, when to make certain announcements, and much more.


I personally directed our 6-person hybrid design and engineering team spanning 3 locations. Our product would eventually be strongly adopted by 4 most widely recognized malls in Hawai'i, reaching 80,000 installs. To improve our indoor positioning accuracy, I begin working with Cambridge Silicon Radio to pioneer particular applications of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, before the advent of iBeacon or the BLE standards enjoyed today.

Personally founded the company, recruited its 2 co-founders, and was principal in growing the team to 12 people in just 18 months. With an $800,000 seed round led by John Dean, prior 8-year CEO of Silicon Valley Bank and then-CEO of Central Pacific Bank in Hawaii, we built the product in English and Japanese, published it in both country's App Stores, and registered a patent for the underlying intellectual property in the process.


Square One

Owner, Digital Production Director
Square One Internet Solutions

I opened Square One after moving from Wisconsin to Hawaii, where 75% of all businesses are small businesses. It started by catering specifically to that community, helping small business owners launch new brands, websites and online stores ("from square one").

122 projects completed across 80 unique clients, including political campaigns and high-profile brands like Dole Foods® and TETRIS®


HulaFish IT Services

Director of Web Development
HulaFish Computer Services

Built out a new business arm for HulaFish, extending it's IT capabilities to include website design and development. I personally directed business development and executed/deployed 12 individual projects.

The new revenue channel drastically increased HulaFish's business value the year before it was wrapped up and sold to a new owner.


University of Wisconsin

Senior System Administrator

Critical part of a 3-person team managing the Dean's office and the 80-unit International Institute network.


System Administrator
Langdon Resdiency Halls

Leadership Experience

Teams and programs I've directed

2018 - Present

Chair & Executive Director

CIVIC is expected to launch in 2020 as a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization charged to leverage the Power of "Big Tech" for Small Communities. Our society seems to face an ever-mounting list of challenges and it's clear government and the business industry aren't solving them fast enough. CIVIC acts as an organizing vessel through which Seattle's technologists, designers, researchers and strategists come together to solve problems and enact their own, powerful change.

2018 - Present

Board Member

GratiFI Summits are daylong events which bring together thought leaders, researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs, and everyone interested in driving positive social change. Keynotes, panels discussions and interactive demos give attendants first-hand insights into the forces of change we may or may not realize are shaping our lives and our futures. As a board member, I advise on sponsorship strategy, marketing execution, and by opening my rolodex to compelling thought leaders and speakers.

2017 - 2018

Board Member

IxDA champions the importance of thoughtful and purposeful design to be infused into the technology, architecture, products and services that make up our collective lives. IxDA's Seattle chapter has 5,800 members and organizes 10 annual events with 1,300 ticket purchasers. Beyond sponsorship strategy, I also worked with the board to conceived of and develop a new, ongoing event series ("UX AV Club") which will premiere in 2020.


President & Sponsorship Chair

The MIT Enterprise Forums is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm of MIT Technology Review, charged with engaging the Pacific Northwest and infusing it with MIT's spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology leadership. The Northwest chapter spans Washington, Oregon and Vancouver (Canada). It aspires to be a trusted source of curated information and thought leaders, educating and inspiring about technology's far-future impacts on our lives.ic about technology's far-future impacts on our lives.

Elected President in 2016, I chaired and directed an 8-person executive board with 4 sub-committees. We produced 7 annual events for 1,000 ticket purchasers. I led our chapter into the Enterprise Forum's 40th anniversary year locally by organizing our board's first-ever retreat and participating in a select, 6-person team compiled by MIT itself to interview and compile insights from 20 other chapters around the world.


President, Board Member

BNI is an international collection of local networking chapters, each driving revenue for its individual members through education, partnerships and trust-based referrals.

I was elected President of the Honolulu chapter in 2010 after 5 years serving in other leadership roles like Vice President and Educational Coordinator. Selected for education segments at BNI Hawaii's annual, all-chapter leadership conferences.


Principal Community Manager

Instrumental in growing the group from its inception to a 3,500 person powerhouse, providing a platform for business leaders and subject matter experts to educate us about the rubber-hits-the-road ways IoT ("Internet of Things") will impact people's lives. By my departure, we'd curated more than 30 events and 44 speakers.


Search & Rescue Volunteer

More than 12,000 of our King County neighbors are homeless, hungry and hurting. Search & Rescue teams dispatch to specific, preset locations to bring these folks essential supplies, build familiarity, and listen to their stories.


Big Brother Volunteer

Big Brothers Big Sisters' goal is to help all children reach their potential through professionally supported, one-to-one relationships with volunteer mentors. I was matched as a "Big Brother" to a wonderful kid named Matthew for 5.5 years before leaving Honolulu.

5.5 Years as a 'Big Brother'


Managing Director

The largest of its kind for a public institution, UW-Madison allocates $125,000 of funds annually for the discretion of a 40-person, student-run committee with one mandate: organize a concert at each of two campus venues, every Friday and Saturday, continually –200 events annually– and keep each one free and open to the public. I was elected Managing Director during my third year of involvement.


University of Wisconsin

1999-2004 • Madison, Wisconsin

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

+ Hardware & Systems Design Certification

Code Fellows

2013 • Seattle, Washington

iOS Programming Certification


Intellectual Property

2012 • "Mobile Messaging & Data Tracking Platform"

Pioneered a new type of contextual, proximity based messaging platform specifically for shopping malls and other retail collectives. Its messaging capability combines the geolocations of active shoppers within a mall with demographics and shopping behavior learned over time. Also defined is its key data tracking system, with a portal akin to Google Analytics but for physical foot traffic.

Read online

2011 • "Display Systems & Methods for Mobile Devices"

Extended the first patent and defined new functionality related to the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon technology being developed between ShopSuey and our partner, Cambridge Silicon Radio.

Read online

2011 • ShopSuey Design Trademark

Skills & Experience

  • C, C#, C++, and Objective-C
  • Java, Python, PHP, SQL
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • E-commerce, and SQL databases
  • Creative: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch
  • Video Production: Adobe Premier & After Effects
  • Prototyping: Adobe XD & InVision
Productivity Tools
  • G Suite (Google): Sheets, Docs, Presentations
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Apple iWork: Keynote, Pages, Numbers
  • Slack, Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, Asana, Salesforce
Business Development
  • G Suite (Google): Sheets, Docs, Presentations
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Apple iWork: Keynote, Pages, Numbers
  • Slack, Trello, Basecamp, JIRA, Asana, Salesforce


"Adam is a rare equation: (D) Driven by action and out-of-the-box ideas + (C) Contagious enthusiasm and a commitment to success + (B) Building strategic relationships that create long-term value = (A) A crucial asset to any team. In short... Adam gets shit done!"
Jen Mallory, Strategy Director
Adam's Colleague at GenUI in 2016
"Having been a business owner himself, Adam understands the importance of clear communication and providing a high level of service."
Jason Greer, President of GenUI
Adam's former boss
"Adam’s strategic way of thinking, technical and communication skills make him a powerful market player and a strong asset to for any company."
Charles Wathen, Investor
Invested in Adam's startup: 2012
"Adam's background as a web and mobile software developer gives him a unique perspective into how to align business and technical goals to make each project as successful as possible. From initial introduction to product delivery, he has a unique way of speaking to their needs, wants, and desires."
Jason Greer, President of GenUI
Adam's former boss
"What really caught my eye was his strategic way of tackling challenges and keen sense of client needs. He has a unique way of slicing through customer's’ technical requirements to their broader business objectives."
Dan Zimmerman, CEO of Dogfish
Personally recruited Adam in 2015
"I was very impressed with Adam's ability to take high-level directives and execute on it so swiftly and with such success."
John Sloat, CEO of UpTop
Personally recruited Adam in 2016
"We have found Adam to consistently be among the best and brightest of our organization. His leadership style, ability to build an effective team and his communication skills working with other business owners, were instrumental to their success."
Joann Seery, President of BNI Hawaii
Executive Director of 25 Hawaii Chapters
"Adam is a man of strong work ethic, deep technical knowledge, and a broad and diverse network. When you meet him, you’ll immediately sense his passion for technology and affinity for building relationships. Combined, the two qualities are formidable."
Dan Colleran, Director of Talent
Adam's colleague at GenUI 2015-16
"Thoughtful in his questions, diligent in his execution, he nurtures customer relationships by understanding what they want to achieve from a business standpoint first and a technical standpoint second. It was great to collaborate with him because of his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking."
Kaine Robertson, Client Engagement Director
Adam's colleague at GenUI, 2015-16