Key Accomplishments

(This is where I get to brag a little)

Specific Experiences

The Proof in the Pudding

Product Management for World-Class Brand

TETRIS™ is the world’s most popular and most internationally recognizable video game, with over 125 million units sold. Known for introducing the game to the United States, Henk Rogers still directs Blue Planet Software, the brand's exclusive U.S. licensee.

Producing official microexperiences for the TETRIS® brand and its partners

While living in Honolulu where Blue Planet Software is headquartered, I was identified for my design work and Macromedia Shockwave/ActionScript capabilities. I was contracted through my small business, Square One, and assigned to work hand in hand with their Art Director. We produced new/tailored microexperiences of the TETRIS™ game for partner requests, for regional/localization reasons and other specific use cases.

2009 – 2010

Design Thinking &
Product Management

Premera Blue Cross® is the Pacific Northwest's largest health insurance provider, with 2 million members, 3,000 employees, and a network of 38,000 doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers. With so much to manage, it's important to stay ahead of the times.

Reimagining Healthcare Interaction

While working at UpTop, I facilitated four of the largest Design Thinking workshops the agency had organized in its then-17 year history. We brought more than 30 employees, Directors and VPs together to participate in the new vision. The resulting strategies informed new ways to synthesize Premera's internal services while providing better, more forward-looking member experiences.

Creating a New Developer Community

I also helped Premera recruit and manage the team which designed and engineered a new, interactive Developer Community. The community's purpose is to (1) organize, formalize, and propogate its internal APIs amongst its sprawling engineering base, and (2) market certain publicly-accessible APIs to third party developers, and (3) make the education and credentialing process as easy as possible.

2017 – 2018

Startup Leadership
& Product Management

Value Proposition

ShopSuey improved shopping experiences for tens of thousands of Hawaii's shoppers – residents and tourists alike. By making the State's complex, 200-vendor malls easier to navigate and pointed out key necessities like ATMs, bathrooms, and your parking spot. With the app installed, the mall and its vendors were able to send deals to customers as they walked by their particular stores. The demographics ShopSuey would collect over time combined with realtime shopper location awareness to create a unique form of in-mall advertising.

Our Special Sauce

Considered equally valuable to the messaging capabilities was the data malls received about shopper behavior and foot traffic. Malls could interact with on a platform akin to Google Analytics, allowing for more informed lease negotiations, better tenant and advertisement placement, awareness of dwell times inside and outside each store, when to make certain announcements, and much more.

Original Founder

After conceiving of the product vision, I founded the company, recruited 2 strategic co-founders, and was principal in growing the team to 12 people in just 18 months. With an $800,000 seed round originally led by John Dean, prior 8-year CEO of Silicon Valley Bank and then-CEO of Central Pacific Bank in Hawaii, we built and deployed our product using our newly-forged, high-profile brand partners and developed a patent for the underlying intellectual property in the process.

2009 – 2013

Chief Product Officer

I personally directed a 6-person design and engineering team, spanning 3 separate locations, and our design partners like Fueled in New York. We built the product in English and Japanese and published it in both country's App Stores.

ShopSuey's core value proposition to shoppers hinged around knowing exactly where they are inside the mall. With the phone's altimeter and general indoor location positioning so unreliable at the time, I partnered with Cambridge Silicon Radio (now owned by Qualcomm) to pioneer new applications of new technology BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), before iBeacon or the BLE standards enjoyed today.

2011 – 2013

Business Ownership
& Product Management

Small Business Owner

I opened Square One after moving from Wisconsin to Hawaii, where 75% of all businesses are small businesses. It started by catering specifically to that community, helping small business owners launch new brands, websites and online stores ("from square one").

My success lied in serving the small business community as a small business owner myself. I understood the specific challenges business owners face trying to stand out and reach new customers. My business was sustained by BNI and general word of mouth.

Digital Production Director

Although I did employ a small team at one point and would make use of the few contractors Oahu had to offer, I personally designed, built and deployed most of my projects. I personally engaged each customer and managed the project in every case. Services included branding, website production, e-commerce, and digital marketing.

2005 – 2012

Product Management for World-Class Brand

Launching a new, high-end brand for a company with a household name

Hawai'i is the only State in the U.S. with a climate suitable for growing chocolate. Combined with extraordinary coffee grown across the same estate in Waialua, on Oahu, Dole Foods® had two hot, new high-end product lines. Their quality and perceived brand value were so high, they wanted to brand them away from Dole's household name, which they felt was too "everyday."

Brand Activation

My company was tasked with creating the digital presence for Dole's new brand and crafting customer messaging. Together, we found an approach which pleased all board members and stakeholders involved.

E-commerce & Security

I also helped Dole make their new product lines available for sale online, integrating the system into their backend and creating a special order page for B2B and wholesale customers. My company also certified Dole's annual PCI compliance reports.


Community Management
& Event Production

Growing Seatte's largest IoT Community
Community & Program Manager

Instrumental in growing the group from its inception to a 3,500 person powerhouse and Seattle's largest IoT community. From the first event's keynote from GE Digital's CFO to conversations with Microsoft, AT&T and Boeing – IoT Hub is a platform for business leaders and subject matter experts to explain the real-world ways IoT ("Internet of Things") and Industrial IoT will impact our lives.

2016 – 2018

The caliber of attendees at the IoT Hub meet-up in Seattle is one of the best I have seen. The participation and passion of the group is contagious and made for a great place to speak on IoT. The organizers clearly care about community and it shows.
– Michael Palermo, Amazon's Chief Alexa Evangelist
What is unique about IoT Hub meetups is that they focus on the business side and real use cases in the their technology discussions.
– Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations & Evangelism, Bluetooth™ Special Interest Group

Leadership &
Program Management

MIT Enterprise Forums are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arms of MIT Technology Review, charged with engaging the Pacific Northwest and infusing it with MIT's spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and technology leadership. The Northwest chapter spans Washington, Oregon and Vancouver, Canada. It aspires to be a trusted source of curated information and thought leaders, educating and inspiring about technology's far-future impacts on our lives.


Elected President in 2016, I led and chaired an 8-person executive board with 4 sub-committees. We produced 7 annual events for 1,000 ticket purchasers. I led our chapter into the Enterprise Forum's 40th anniversary year locally by organizing our board's first-ever retreat and participating in a select, 6-person team compiled by MIT itself to compile insights from 20 other chapters around the world.

2016 – 2018

Sponsorship Chair

Raised $50,000 of sponsorship funding from T-Mobile and other high profile companies. Reinvented our sponsorship offerings, collateral and engagement strategy. Selected to attend the 2016's MIT's Chapter Leadership Conference in Cambridge, MA.

2014 – 2016

Leadership &
Program Management

Business Networks International

BNI is an international collection of local networking chapters, each driving revenue for its individual members through education, partnerships and trust-based referrals. Members grow their business using a structured, time-tested and professional program that enables them to develop and leverage meaningful, long-term relationships.


Chapter President

I was elected President of the Honolulu chapter in 2010 after 5 years serving in other leadership roles like Vice President and Educational Coordinator. I directed the chapter's first rebrand and created its first website and e-payment system for dues. Selected for education segments at BNI Hawaii's annual, all-chapter leadership conferences.

2010 – 2012

Vice President

While the President runs the meetings and is the face of the chapter itself, the Vice President keeps the actual wheels going by running all the behind-the-scenes business: making sure each committee is on top of things, tracking all the business passed between each member, and tracking all the chapter's financials.


Leadership Team

Other key roles I served

  • Membership Committee

    Reviews and approves/denies new applications from potential members, ensuring each chapter only has one person from each profession/specialty to eliminate potential competition amongst members.

  • Chapter Ambassador

    Official representative from our chapter to others. I'd attend their meetings, promote business between our members, share what's working in our own chapter, and what's working for theirs.

  • Educational Coordinator

    Weekly education segments with networking tips, promoting synergy as a chapter and between individual members/member teams, and how to implement "Storytelling" into their marketing.

  • Visitor Engagement Team

    Ensuring visitors feel welcome, informed, and have a generally great experience. We follow up with them afterwards, too, to answer any quesitons they have and encourage them to apply.

Product Management

POGO · Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Pogo was a digital marketing tool that provided social influencers a convenient and powerful way to post affiliate marketing related content to Pinterest, which its platform had disabled at the time. Available as a built-in button across all major web browsers, it provided affiliate marketers an easy and effortless way to monetize what they're already doing on the Pinterest platform.

My role: Product Manager

Brought on as an equity partner by by Pogo's founder for my UX experience and product management skills, we redesigned the brand and shifted the product's focus to find a better market fit.


Local Politics

Peter Carlisle · Mayor of Honolulu

A competitive and hard-won special election campaign, Peter Carlisle became the 13th mayor of Honolulu in 2010, after serving 14 years as the city's Prosecuting Attorney. Carlisle became the first mayor in Honolulu history who identified as an Independent.

My role: Digital Director

My company was personally hired by the Campaign Manager to rescue their digital properties and outreach, which had languished under the prior Director and weren't effective. My new approach leveraged a new look, data aggregated into a single queryable database, and an online experience with specific engagement/re-engagement for voters, donors and the media.