Adam Schuster

Senior Product Manager

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A   lot of my time is spent thinking about the powerful forces impacting our society and individual lives. I think about the roles technology plays in shaping those forces –for good and nefariously– and how to strike the right balance.

I look for ways to bring people together to join forces themselves and bring about change only group-powered momentum can accomplish.

Opening an MIT Enterprise Forum

Seattle University, 2018
Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Primary Initiatives


Available for Hire

I am looking for part- and full-time Product Management roles, and for Digital Design & Production work.


Building New Brands

Currently growing or launching brands for Monarch, Viceroy, Rally, and CIVIC. My involvement ranges from directing digital production work to strategy and product management. Learn more

  • Monarch
  • Viceroy
  • Rally
  • Civic
  • Monarch
  • Viceroy
  • Rally
  • Civic


Political action

Organizing in the 43rd legislative district for Eilzabeth Warren's presidential campaign, attending meetings of CTAB (Community Technology Advisory Board), and other community or political action. Learn more

Adam at-a-glance

21 Years of experience
6 Teams managed
185 Projects completed
2 Patents filed
22 Products launched
$7M Revenue generated
12 Communities grown
70 Events produced

Notable Involvement

Current or recent ways I'm keeping busy

Digital Production
& Product Management

My Role: Director of Digital

Brand strategy and digital production work

Hired for the special blend of Product Management, Business Development, and UX Design/Engineering skills, I'm right at home as the Director of Digital for Monarch and its new, sister agency Viceroy. I've personally designed or directed all company and client websites and other digital properties.

2018 – Present

A forward-thinking brand and experience marketing firm, Monarch's creative and technical talent drives some of the Pacific Northwest's most compelling campaigns.

Viceroy works with cultivators, processors and dispensaries within the legal Cannabis industry, set for major disruption over the next few years. We give our clients a world-class brand identity.

Program Management
& Event Production

GratiFI "Future Impact" Summits are daylong events which bring together thought leaders, researchers, business leaders, technologists, entrepreneurs, and everyone interested in coming together to drive positive social change.

Board Member

As a board member, I advise on event structure, marketing execution, how to engage high-level thought leaders, and by opening my rolodex for compelling speakers.

Sponsorship Advisor

I also specifically advise on sponsorship strategy – how to craft GratiFI's packages/offerings, how to engage sponsors themselves, how to care for existing sponsors, and other creative ways to engage raise the funds its program needs.

2018 – Present

Presidential Politics

Elizabeth Warren for President

Elizabeth Warren's mantra is "Dream Big, Fight Hard" and that's exactly how I feel about the state of our politics today. There's a real lack of imagination and ambition –or committment– to getting the big things done we really need. That's why I'm fighting in her corner for the 2020 primary and general elections.

My Role: Community Team Lead

Washington's 43rd Legislative District

Designated by campaign as the official Community Team Lead for Washington's 43rd legislative district (spanning Capitol Hill, University District, Wallingford, Fremont, Eastlake, and South Lkae Union). I was charged with (1) assembling a team of other volunteers in the 43rd with key strengths, (2) organizing regularly occurring meetings for current and new volunteers, and (3) acting as the primary liaison for volunteers interested in getting involved.

2019 – 2020

Leadership &
Program Management

While marshalling Seattle's IT communities for event series and from my perch as President for the MIT Enterprise Forum, I've been inspired by how much talent our city has and its untapped potential to be marshalled together for positive impactful change.

Leveraging the Power of "Big Tech"
for Small Communities

CIVIC is being set up as a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit charged as an organizing vessel through which Seattle's technologists, designers, researchers and strategists will come together to solve problems and powerful, collective change. CIVIC's board will create and manage curated volunteer teams to bring its projects to fruition.

Board Chair

I am currently structuring the nonprofit to maximize impact for our Launch Partners, building out our Executive Board, and seeding ideas for our first projects and SWOT teams.

2019 – Present

Civic Leadership

People's Academy for Community Engagement (P.A.C.E.)

PACE brings together people from the Greater Seattle area who care about their communities. Through lessons, workshops and rotating speakers, PACE students learn about the gears of local government, better empathizing with fellow residents, and how to come together to create change.

2019 Graduate